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6th Grade Conservation Day

On May 4th we had 6th Grade Conservation Day at Yorks Island. We had a beautiful day for learning and playing. There were 12 presenters that gave the 6th graders fun learning objects about conservation, compass fun, bird knowledge, fish identifiers, edible plants, water importance, growing gardens, wildlife, safety in the woods and how to pack a day pack.

The Broadwater Cattlewomen provided a most delicious sack lunch. DNRC awarded Broadwater Conservation District a grant to cover bussing, water, mileage and incidentals. BCD does this every year. This year we hope to switch dates and hold this event in the fall as the spring is overwhelmed with many events.

There are many pictures of the event please enjoy and write or call with any questions. LaRinda Spencer 406.521.3016 or

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