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Stream Permitting

Stream Permitting

Any person, agency, contractor, or firm that is proposing a project that may alter or modify the beds or banks of a perennial stream, river, or spring, must first obtain a 310 permit.  If you are planning to work in or near a stream, you must get a 310 permit first. It’s Free. It’s the Law.

Resources & Publications

Resources & Publications

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Recent News

May 242022 BCD Monthly Board Meeting

5.24.2022 Meeting Agenda On Tuesday May 24th, 2022 BCD will hold its monthly board meeting.  This is an open meeting and all are welcome to attend. Please let LaRinda know if you will be attending this meeting.  You can reach her at 406.521.3016 or  Attached is the notice and the agenda. 5.24.2022 Meeting Agenda

6th Grade Conservation Day

On May 4th we had 6th Grade Conservation Day at Yorks Island. We had a beautiful day for learning and playing. There were 12 presenters that gave the 6th graders fun learning objects about conservation, compass fun, bird knowledge, fish identifiers, edible plants, water importance, growing gardens, wildlife, safety in the woods and how to…

Environmental rehabilitation grants available to those affected by Woods Creek and Deep Creek Canyon Fires The link above will take you to the video of the interview with Tom Buchanan.

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