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Board of Supervisors

Rick VanDyken


Rick and his wife, Halane, live south of Toston on a ranch with their two sons, Kyle and Andy.  They raise hay, grain, corn silage, and have registered Angus cattle.  Rick and Halane have a grandson, Jackson, who was given to them by Andy and his wife, Kindle.  They also have one daughter, a son in law, and a grandson that live in Toston.  Rick has served on the board as the Vice Chair since 2009, and was appointed Chairman in 2018! We are very lucky to have him!

Toby Dundas

Vice Chairman

Toby has served on the board for three years, and was appointed vice chairman in 2018!  He is a lifelong resident, fifth generation rancher, starting in Crow Creek valley ending north on Confederate Gulch.  Packing, hunting, and fishing are a few hobbies that Toby enjoys when he has the time to do so.  We sure do enjoy having him serve on our board!

Kelly Ingalls


Kelly works on his family’s ranch with his wife, Kay, and his brother, John.  They raise cattle, sheep, hay, and grain.  Kelly and Kay have two children.  Ellie and Louis, who help out on the ranch.  Kelly has been a member of the district for 18 years and is a pleasure to have around.

Darrell Baum

Darrell is a fourth generation rancher and currently lives on the family ranch in Winston where they raise Angus cattle and all of their own feed. He worked on three different ranches raising malt barley and cattle before returning to the home ranch in 1993. Darrell has three children, five grandchildren, and two great grand children.  Darrell has been a member of the board since 1995 and Board Chair for 3 years. We are so lucky here at the Broadwater Conservation District to have such a remarkable chairman. 

Gary Flynn

Gary and his family live and ranch on Greyson Creek.  Some of their property has been in the family for over 125 years.  He has served on the board for 15+ years.  Gary is a well valued member of the Board and the Broadwater County community.

Jim Beck

Jim moved to Broadwater County from eastern Montana 35 year ago.  He has been a part of the Broadwater Conservation District for 25 years helping with stream monitoring, Townsend school’s Stream Team, and many other various activities and tasks.  He is a great help to us, and we are happy to call him a part of our team.  Jim is proud to say that the District has given him an opportunity to work with many great Broadwater County residents.

Herb Argabright

Herb has served as an associate on the board for 6 years.  He also serves on the County Planning Board, which he has been a part of for 11 years.  Herb is a cow/calf and forage producer in Broadwater County. He is always fun to have in the meetings, and quotes he is “ornery always”.


Josie Reynolds


Bio Coming Soon! 🙂

Denise Thompson

Project Coordinator

I am truly honored to be employed at Broadwater Conservation District. The supervisors, advisors and numerous partners are an absolute pleasure to work with.  The Ag. producers, youth and citizens of this dear community bring a layer of joy to my job that is invaluable.  And I have the added pleasure of working with wonderful people across the entire state that are just as driven to ensure our natural resources are responsibly used and protected.  I absolutely love sharing my passion for Montana, its people, rugged outdoors, precious natural resources and endless beauty.  It has been my goal from day one to face each project and task with passion and reverence and to do it to the best of my ability.  I hope that during my time here I am able to articulate the importance of hard work, objectivity, honesty, respect, and the genuine heartfelt desire to serve others and actively cherish that which is before us, and to inspire others to do the same.  MSU Professor, Dr. Jeff Mosley, spoke at our 2016 MACD Convention.  To paraphrase, he said, “Farmers, Ranchers and natural resource professionals are fortunate to have a vocation instead of a job!  A vocation is a rare and precious possession that obligates us to a higher expectation.  We have a duty to share our love of the land and to do it respectfully…..the ability to do this is what, perhaps, sets Montanans apart.  We are not just dealing with soil, water, plants and animals…..we are also dealing with PEOPLE!”

Katie Mumford

Project Manager

Katie began at the district as Broadwater CD’s 3rd Big Sky Watershed Corps (BSWC) Member, where she served for 2 years under that title.  Beginning her third year, she was hired as Project Manager.  She assists the district in grant writing and management, efforts such as stream flow monitoring and reporting, the Deep Creek watershed restoration plan, aquatic & terrestrial invasive species, Townsend school’s Stream Team, education and outreach and drought resilience planning.  She is originally from Appleton, Wisconsin and graduated with a degree in Natural Resources emphasizing ecological restoration.  Katie is a huge fan of the Green Bay Packers, fishing, camping, and hiking. 

Advisory to the District

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Scott Dunning, County Weed Coordinator
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Cory Lewellen, Townsend Ranger District
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Justin Meissner, NRCS District Conservationist
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Franklin Slifka, County Commissioner
Ron Spoon, FWP
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