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On the Farm Fridays

Broadwater CD is starting “On the Farm Fridays” but we need your help! At the end of each week we would like to feature a beautiful photo and/or great story from YOUR farm or ranch.

If you have any great photos or stories about a farm, your favorite farmer, or a farm near you send us a message on our Facebook and we will feature it in the next “On the Farm Friday”!

This week’s featured farm is Flynn Ranch!

  • Some of their property has been in the family for over 148 years!
  • Broadwater Conservation District also hosts a Ted Flynn Memorial Scholarship in honor of Ted Flynn, who served on the board of supervisors for many year.
  • For nearly 75 years Flynn Ranch has been hosting their weekly Bible Camp as a service to the community. The Bible Camp is a fun filled evening event held throughout the summer months at the historic Flynn Cabin located on Dry

Thanks for being a stunning pillar of this community Flynn’s!

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